Robert De Niro Denies Blocking Mickey Rourke For The Irishman Role

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September 19, 2019 | 7:25am EST

Robert De Niro has denied blocking Mickey Rourke from a role in Martin Scorsese mob film The Irishman.
Rourke, 67, claimed in an interview with an Italian TV show Live – Non e la D’Urso on Sunday that he was “broke” and looking for roles when De Niro “refused to work” with him because of a feud that began on the set of 1987 movie Angel Heart.
“Marty Scorsese, great director, he wanted to meet me for a movie with Al Pacino, Joe Pesci, Chris Walken and Robert De Niro,” Rourke said, according to The Independent. “The casting person told my manager that Robert De Niro said he refused to work with me in a movie.”
However, De Niro’s rep Stan Rosenfield swiftly refuted Rourke’s accusation that he was passed up for a role.
“According to ‘The Irishman’ producers, Jane Rosenthal and Emma Tillinger Koskoff, and casting director Ellen Lewis, Mickey Rourke was never asked to be in ‘The Irishman’ nor was he ever even thought of, discussed or considered to be in the movie,” Rosenfield told The New York Post, adding De Niro is “aware of these comments.”
The alleged feud between the pair began when Rourke starred opposite De Niro, now 76, in the Alan Parker movie.
De Niro, who is famous for his method style of acting, allegedly told The Wrestler star on the Angel Heart set: “I think it’s better if we don’t talk.”
Rourke added: “It hurt my feelings a little bit ’cause I looked up to him.”
In The Irishman De Niro plays former hitman Frank Sheeran in his ninth collaboration with Scorsese.
The film’s limited theatrical run will start on 1 November before its Netflix premiere on 27 November.
Neither Scorsese or Rourke’s rep has responded to a request for comment from the news outlet.