Robin Thicke Makes Passionate Speech At New York Gig

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March 9, 2014 | 10:25am EST

Singer Robin Thicke made an impassioned speech about the importance of never giving up on love during a performance in New York on Friday following the breakdown of his marriage.
The crooner confirmed his split for actress Paula Patton last month and has made several public appeals to his wife during concerts since, telling fans he is determined to repair the relationship.
During his concert at Madison Square Garden on Friday the Blurred Lines singer appeared to reference his marital problems once again when he told the audience it is important to never give up on love and forgive each other.
He said, “One thing I’ve learned about love is you find that special person, you find that special someone, you got to do whatever it takes, you know, to never give up… you got to love your family right, you got to love your children right… We gotta learn to forgive each other, learn to love each other… no matter who it is in your family or relationship… ’cause you’re always gonna need your friends and family.”