Rocker Greg Hetson Fighting Estranged Wife For Restraining Order

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July 28, 2013 | 6:47pm EST

Bad Religion rocker Greg Hetson has become locked in a bitter battle with his estranged wife as they each fight for restraining orders against one another.
The guitarist’s spouse, Alia, obtained a protective order against the 52 year old earlier this month amid claims he became violent and threw her to the ground during an explosive argument.
Hetson has blasted the allegations in his own court papers, insisting he is the real victim after putting up with 28-year-old Alia’s “unstable and violent” behavior since their marriage in 2011, reports
He is seeking his own restraining order, accusing her of lashing out at him on multiple occasions, including a reported attack with a clothes hanger and hockey equipment, and another incident when she allegedly shoved him out of their car before driving off, dragging him along.
Hetson also claims Alia has stolen $18,000 from their joint bank account.