Ronson: ‘DJing Isn’t Easy’

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July 15, 2010 | 11:00am EST

Mark Ronson hates hearing how “easy” DJing is, because he spends 14 hours a day on his music.

The superproducer is often labeled a celebrity DJ by critics – something that motivated him to launch new band, The Business Intl.

He says, “Some people might have seen my lifestyle in magazines and thought, ‘Oh, he just DJs at lame celeb parties’ but most of the time it is work. It’s great work, but still working.

“I spend 14 hours a day doing this s**t, so I mean business. That’s how the band came about. There’s also something about it being a bunch of serious individuals. On my last album, Version, I was playing most of the instruments myself except for the horns. This new album was four or five of us going to the studio every day, a real collective effort.”