Rose Making Plans To Wed Khalifa

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January 26, 2012 | 9:00pm EST

Kanye West’s ex Amber Rose is all set on settling down with rapper Wiz Khalifa – once the busy couple can find time to be together for longer than a few days.
The model-turned-singer insists the Black & Yellow hitmaker is the man she wants to spend the rest of her life with but they live such separate lives at the moment that just finding time to be together is a challenge.

Rose tells, “We are very much in love and we’re really, really busy. He is in L.A. working on his album. I’m in New York working on my album. We travel a lot, separately.

“We do want to get married and will get married, but we want to get married, enjoy each other, have babies and be able to take time off. We’ll get married when things calm down a little bit.”

And it appears her rapper beau is just as keen to exchange vows, insisting a wedding is definitely “gonna happen”.

He tells, “We’re gonna get married when the time is right, we’re enjoying each other, just having fun. Her music career is taking off. I would hate to stunt that, it’s gonna happen, it’s gonna happen.”

Rose and Khalifa started dating in 2010.


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