Ross ‘chilling’ Following Seizures

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October 18, 2011 | 4:05am EST

Rick Ross’ double health emergency on Friday prompted the rap heavyweight to take “a reality check” about his lifestyle and start “chilling,” according to one of his close friends.
The hip-hop star fell ill and lost consciousness twice onboard a flight bound for Tennessee, where he was billed to perform on Friday night.

The gig was scrapped, along with another performance on Saturday, after Ross checked into a Birmingham, Alabama hospital following his second mid-air seizure.

He returned to the spotlight on Sunday to open his new chicken restaurant in Memphis, Tennessee, but his friend DJ Khaled insists Ross is planning on taking it easy in the coming weeks to recover from his double health scare.

DJ Khaled tells, “I am not leaving his side. He is resting, he is chilling and he is actually super-focused. He is at the crib (home) and is going to rest and just chill until he gets his energy back. He is going to take everything one day by day.

“I told him he has to stay home for two weeks. I told him he has got to just chill and relax. I told him he is a big enough star that he can just stay home. His life is more important.

“When he went in the hospital that was a reality check. I’m trying to tell him, but he’s telling me, ‘Khaled you ain’t got to tell me no more, I understand clearly I got to take my life seriously.'”