Royce Da 5’9″ Still Suffers From Two-year-old Arm Injury

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August 14, 2011 | 11:25am EST

Rapper Royce Da 5’9″ is still suffering from a 2009 injury after fracturing a bone in an arm wrestling challenge.
The Rock City star was coaxed into the battle to impress some female onlookers while on tour in Norway and he was close to beating his contender for a second time when he twisted his left arm.

He tells WENN, “It was a spiral fracture; I broke my arm. This was… a couple years ago. I was wrestling somebody in Norway and he challenged me… to arm wrestle.”

But the rapper found his arm positioned at “some weird angle” and his humerus “just popped”.

The injury, which required surgery and left him with a six-inch (15 centimetre) scar on his left tricep, has hampered Royce’s efforts to work out and stay fit.

He says, “I used to be in real good shape, but I had an arm injury so I can’t go in the gym and do what I used to do, so it’s kinda frustrating, so I’ve kinda been staying away from the gym…

“The scar is from surgery. They had to go in and put a plate and pins (in).”

Royce reveals the healed fracture is still causing him a few issues, but he’s confident he could win in a fight – as long as he can use his stronger right arm.

He adds, “I do have problems just with my arms. Like, (my) elbow is always hurting… I gotta go back to physical therapy…

“I’ve kind of got used to it (arm injury). I was performing with a cast on for a while and that’s pretty much it, so this (left) arm is my weak arm. If a lot of people knew how weak this arm was, they probably would try me (challenge me) a lot more! (But) I’ve still got this (right) arm; it’s cool. This is the one hitter quitter right here! This one hasn’t let me down yet!”