Russell Crowe Attends Australian Remembrance Service

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April 26, 2013 | 7:25am EST

Hollywood actor Russell Crowe attended a dawn service of remembrance in Australia on Thursday.
The Gladiator star, who was born in New Zealand but is now a resident of Australia, was among the crowds who turned out for an early morning service to mark Anzac Day, a national day of remembrance Down Under for troops who died in battle.
Crowe attended a service in Coffs Harbour, New South Wales and was joined by The Lord of the Rings cinematographer Andrew Lesnie and movie producer Andrew Mason.
In a series of posts on, he writes, “Up early for the dawn service kids… Lest we forget… Very nice dawn service at Coffs Harbour, thousands turned out from little babies to great grandparents, great to see Anzac Day… Thanks to the 3 cafes on the main street of Coffs Harbour who were open for breakfast after dawn service, all doing a roaring trade…”
He also implored anyone who didn’t get up early to attend a daybreak service to mark the occasion in another way, adding, “Didn’t make dawn service?, get off your chuffa (sic) & attend the march in your town or city, very least take a minute to reflect and give thanks.”
Anzac Day is traditionally commemorated in a series of dawn services and marches to honour those who have fallen in battle, as well as troops still serving. The occasion is marked in New Zealand, as well as Australia.