Ryan O’Neal Battling More Than One Cancer

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May 1, 2012 | 8:51pm EST

Ailing actor Ryan O’Neal has revealed he’s battling more than one cancer – and he’s ready to die if that’s his destiny.
The Love Story star has delayed vital treatment on his grade two prostate cancer so he can promote his new memoir about his life with late girlfriend Farrah Fawcett – and he accepts the decision could prove costly to his health.
In a candid interview with news show Access Hollywood on Tuesday, O’Neal said, “The book cried out to be sold and so I decided to do that first and then I’ll address my cancers… I feel fine.”
Asked by host Billy Bush if he cares whether he lives or dies, O’Neal stated, “I don’t, frankly. I’ve lived a nice long life.”
But he does have a plan, adding, “Starting on May 10th I’m going to freeze my prostate.”
And O’Neal revealed that his cancer woes aren’t solely linked to his prostate.
Wearing a bandage on his nose, he explained, “I’m not done and I’m not that beaten down but… I have three cancers at the moment – on my face, in my prostate and I have chronic leukemia, so I’m not so sure if I should get subscriptions to magazines for more than a year at a time.”