Salma Hayek: ‘Who Will Farm California When Trump Has Kicked Out The Undocumented Workers?’

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April 3, 2017 | 9:10pm EST

Salma Hayek feels sure U.S. President Donald Trump’s immigration policy will come back to bite him if he continues to deport undocumented Mexicans.
The American leader announced his plans to rid the U.S. of illegal Latinos in his first speech as a presidential hopeful and now he’s carrying out his policy, sending Mexicans without the correct paperwork back to Mexico.
Salma, who is one of the world’s most famous Mexicans, is convinced Trump will quickly note the error of his ways when it becomes clear he is banishing the people who are making America rich – like herself.
The actress tells WENN, “We are productive for society in many ways. The movies that I’ve worked in have amounted to almost one billion dollars. This is good for this economy. We contribute and it’s a lot of money that I had a part in.
“The last three Oscars before this one, were won by Mexican directors! So we do contribute to the country in many fields.”
And she insists it would be a big mistake to send skilled farm laborers back to Mexico: “Most of these illegal workers are very, very skilled farmers and they do not want to be farming drugs. Actually most of the people that come here do not want to have anything to do with drugs.
“A lot of them came to Los Angeles because there is a lot of work for farmers here and not a lot of people who have the skill for this work. The labor is really hard and they have the endurance and the skill and the green thumb; if you don’t have the right energy with your hands you kill the plants. These people have this skill and America needs people with this skill.”
“The problem with immigration needs to be resolved,” she adds. “There was a time when they came here with a permit and could go back to Mexico; they don’t want to stay here. These specific workers are really good for the economy of America and there’s no one (here) that will want to do it, especially not at that price.
“If they could work legally, then they would pay the taxes that benefits America. There needs to be an immigration reform. It is really horrible that we are not spending the time actually working out a good well-planned, well thought-out immigration reform.”
Salma also takes aim at Trump’s plans to build a huge wall along the border between Mexico and America – to keep immigrants out.
“It is a waste of time and money,” she rages. “It’s the most absurd thing and it’s dumb. What are you gonna do when you hit the river? Are you going over the mountain through the river? Are there gonna be dams too? How do you build the wall through the many rivers that cross the border? And it doesn’t matter. Some people will still get in! It’s amazing that no one has gone through the practicalities.”