Sammy Kershaw In Tour Bus Accident

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November 6, 2012 | 2:21pm EST

Country singer Sammy Kershaw escaped serious injury over the weekend after his tour bus was involved in a bad accident.
The I Can’t Reach Her Anymore hitmaker and his band were leaving a gig in Nocona, Texas on Friday when their vehicle collided with another automobile on a freeway.
Kershaw and his crew were shaken up but luckily unharmed, but the driver of the other car was hospitalized with minor injuries.
A statement from the singer reads, “My guys and I are a little sore today. The third day is always the worst. Eleven people were involved in the accident, and no one was killed.
“It could have gone the other way. Buses and cars can be replaced, but people can’t. I’m so thankful that the other driver, my band and crew are all still here. We had a guardian angel.”
An investigation into the crash is ongoing.