Samuel L. Jackson Stunned By Harrison Ford’s Onset Accident

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June 16, 2014 | 11:31am EST

Samuel L. Jackson was stunned to hear of Harrison Ford’s nasty onset accident and is convinced “something went terribly awry” on the Star Wars shoot.
The Hollywood veteran was hospitalized in Oxford, England last week after breaking his ankle on the set of the sci-fi franchise reboot, and reports suggest he will spend up to two months recovering from his injuries.
Jackson, who has also appeared in the Star Wars movie series, admits he was shocked by news of Ford’s accident – which was reportedly caused by a heavy spaceship prop – because movie sets are usually very safe.
He tells U.K. TV show Lorraine, “I’m sure it wasn’t because he wanted to or it was something he was doing (sic)… I’m sure something went terribly awry if that happened because most times insurance companies don’t like us doing those things (stunts)!”
Jackson goes on to insist he is not disappointed to have been left out of the cast for Star Wars: Episode VII, adding, “No (I’m not disappointed), not really – I thought I did (want to do it) and it would’ve been interesting but if I don’t get the call, I have so many things going on that I can do and hopefully that new era of Star Wars films will be as popular as the ones that we did and the ones that were done before.”