Sandra Bullock Putting Family First In 2014

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November 27, 2013 | 8:40pm EST

Sandra Bullock is planning to put motherhood first in 2014 after dedicating much of this year to her film career.
The actress starred in hits The Heat and Gravity and spent much of 2013 on movie sets and red carpets, filming and promoting – and now she wants to put family first and hang out with her adopted three-year-old son Louis.
She tells Entertainment Weekly magazine, “I have a feeling that work is going to shift now because I don’t want to drag him around to places. There are a lot of prerequisites that have to happen for me to be happy.
“He really will be happy anywhere, but I want to know as a mom that I’ve provided him people, experiences, education – life things – before I go, ‘I’m an actress and I need to act’. I really don’t need to act.”