Sean Young Laughed Off Harvey Weinstein’s Alleged Penis Shocker

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October 21, 2017 | 9:31am EST

Blade Runner star Sean Young has accused fallen movie mogul Harvey Weinstein of exposing himself in front of her.
The actress made the big reveal during an appearance on the Dudley And Bob With Matt Show podcast, explaining she didn’t come forward at the time because she felt everyone would brush her accusations aside.
But now disgraced Harvey has been exposed as an alleged serial sexual predator in the New York Times and New Yorker articles, she’s happy to join the women coming forward with tales of sordid encounters with the producer.
She claims Weinstein pulled out his penis to ”shock” her during a movie meeting in the early 1990s.
“I personally experienced him pulling his you-know-what out of his pants to shock me,” she said. “My basic response was, ‘You know, Harvey, I really don’t think you should be pulling that thing out, it’s not very pretty’.”
Sean vowed never to work with the producer again after the encounter, but suggests sexual abuse and harassment is rife throughout the film industry, and women are powerless against power players.
“The minute you actually stand up for yourself in Hollywood, you’re the crazy one,” she added. “I think that’s why a lot of women don’t come out and didn’t come out about their experiences about that kind of lewdness and ridiculousness with Harvey.”
But since the exposes were published earlier this month, other famous women like Cara Delevingne, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Angelina Jolie have spoken out about their experiences with Weinstein, who has resigned as a board member at production firm The Weinstein Company, lost his wife, and is reportedly seeking treatment for sex addiction.