Segel Suffered Wardrobe Malfunction At The Oscars

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March 12, 2012 | 10:36pm EST

Funnyman Jason Segel suffered an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction at the Oscars – his fitted tuxedo started to “self-destruct” as he sat through the awards ceremony.
The Muppets star admits he felt like he crashed the “cool kids’ party” at the Academy Awards last month and his discomfort wasn’t helped by his tight outfit.

Segel says, “Slowly, I’m sitting there and buttons started falling off my shirt until my shirt is held together by my bow-tie and that it’s tucked in. That’s it. I’m not exaggerating.

“I stood up and applauded for somebody… and I sat back down and my pants ripped from, like, my butt to the bottom of my leg… I had to go home and put on my weekday tux (for the after-parties).”