Semel Hospitalized After House Fire

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June 17, 2010 | 5:20pm EST

Aspiring actress and socialite Courtenay Semel is recovering from fire-related breathing problems after a blaze at her California home.
The Yahoo! heiress was awakened by firemen banging down the door to her home on Saturday, reports

Reports suggest a house guest had left a flat iron on a bed, causing the mattress to burst into flames.

The socialite, who has hit headlines for romancing TV star Tila Tequila and late Johnson & Johnson heiress Casey Johnson, suffered through the weekend with vomiting, laboured breathing and severe headaches.

She was admitted to hospital on Monday, where she received oxygen. She has since been released by doctors.

Speaking exclusively to, Semel insists that, contrary to reports, the fire was no accident.

She says, “I’m concerned for my safety because I think it was intentionally done. There’s an ongoing investigation.”