Sharon And Kelly Osbourne Battle Anti-gay Protesters

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June 14, 2010 | 5:51am EST

Sharon and Kelly Osbourne fended off protesters during the Gay Pride Parade in Los Angeles on Sunday after a group of anti-homosexual campaigners targeted the pair at the event.
The reality TV stars acted as the parade’s Grand Marshals and were travelling through the city on a float when a mob started yelling anti-gay profanities at them.

But Sharon Osbourne fought back – taking to a loud speaker to shout at them, “You should be ashamed of yourselves!”

Rock offspring Kelly then joined her mother by leading the crowd in chanting “My God loves gays!” to drown out the protests.

A source tells Britain’s Daily Mail, “Kelly and Sharon were amazing. They didn’t look intimidated by the protesters for one minute – if anything, it was exactly the opposite, they relished the fight! Sharon got right in their faces admonishing them and Kelly just started shouting into the microphone: ‘My God loves gays!’ The crowd went wild and started chanting, the atmosphere was electric!

“The protesters were obviously defeated and left pretty quickly. As they were leaving everyone was screaming and clapping, it was amazing! Sharon and Kelly are gay icons and they proved why on Sunday – they really are friends to the gay community, and in return we love them.”