Sheen Eyes Early Return To Work

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February 3, 2011 | 7:30am EST

Charlie Sheen will be back on the set of his hit sitcom Two And A Half Men at the end of February following a month-long stint in rehab, according to the actor’s representative.
The troubled star was hospitalized in Los Angeles last week to treat a hernia after allegedly indulging in a wild night of partying. He subsequently checked into a rehab-at-home program on Saturday, forcing work on his TV show to be suspended while he receives help.

Sheen released a statement on Wednesday, thanking the cast and crew of Two And A Half Men for their “concern and support” as he cleans up his act, and now the actor’s rep has confirmed the star will be back on set in less than four weeks.

The spokesperson tells the New York Daily News, “My understanding is that he will be back on the set at the end of February.”