Shellshock’s Ex Clashes With Family Over Hospitalisation

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April 3, 2012 | 2:26pm EST

The ex-girlfriend of comatose rocker Shifty Shellshock has clashed with the star’s family members after they allegedly failed to inform her the father of her child was in hospital.
The former Crazy Town singer, real name Seth Binzer, was admitted to the intensive care unit at a medical facility in Los Angeles last Thursday, but Jasmine Lennard only found out about the news from friends on Monday.

She tried to visit the 37 year old on Monday afternoon, but claims she was initially prevented from doing so by the star’s sister, who reportedly grabbed Lennard’s arm as other relatives chastised her.

Hospital security was called to intervene in the altercation and Lennard, who has a two-year-old son with Shellshock, was granted a few moments with her former partner, who is said to be completely unresponsive. The former Celebrity Rehab patient is thought to have lost consciousness after a drug overdose.

But the musician’s family is still angry at Lennard and is convinced her split from Shellshock in December prompted him to relapse in his battle against drug addiction.

She tells, “The family is blaming me for leaving him during Christmas for this relapse.”