Sherman Hemsley’s Funeral Is Finally Confirmed

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November 20, 2012 | 11:21am EST

Sherman Hemsley’s friends and family will gather in Texas on Wednesday for the actor’s funeral, almost four months after his death last summer.
The Jeffersons star passed away on 24 July after a battle with lung cancer, but his memorial service was delayed and his body was held at a funeral home while the courts ruled on a dispute over his will.
A judge in El Paso, Texas decided on 9 November that the star’s will is valid and gave permission for Hemsley’s benefactor, his longtime friend/manager Flora Enchinton Bernal, to go ahead with funeral plans.
It has now been revealed that Hemsley will be remembered at Cielo Vista Church in El Paso on Wednesday and the service will be open to the public, according to
Hemsley will be buried at Fort Bliss National Cemetery to mark his years served in the United States Air Force before he took up acting.