Show To Go On For Tupac Shakur Musical

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June 27, 2014 | 11:17am EST

Producers behind Tupac Shakur musical Holler If Ya Hear Me have dismissed reports suggesting the Broadway show is to close less than two weeks after its official opening.
The stage show, based on the music of the late rapper, opened at New York City’s Palace Theater on 19 June and attracted a swathe of negative reviews, with Jesse Green of New York Magazine describing the show as “painfully cliched”, and Time Out’s David Cote calling it a “shapeless mix of melodrama, music video and half-grasped musical cliches”.
Slow ticket sales suggested the show has struggled to impress the public as well as the critics, prompting reports the curtain would be brought down as early as Sunday.
However, Holler If Ya Hear Me co-producer Jessica Green is adamant the production is not set for such an early closure, despite the struggling box office numbers, telling, “If we were going to close this Sunday, we would have had to post a closing notice last Monday, because there’s all these union rules between the cast, and the company, and the theater, and all of that… We (the ticket sales) are increasing every week, we are getting in new audiences that have never gone to Broadway before. There’s a little bit longer of an acclimation period, let’s say, between education and actually coming out.”