Sick Adele Determined To Stage Tour Shows

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September 9, 2011 | 7:30am EST

Sick soul star Adele was so determined to take to the stage in Cardiff, Wales earlier this week, she started her journey to the venue – until she realised it was “unrealistic” to perform while battling a chest infection.
The ill singer was forced to axe the first four dates of her U.K. tour this week, as well as a planned performance at the Mercury Prize ceremony on Tuesday.

In a post on her blog late on Wednesday, Adele wrote, “I woke up feeling a bit better but not by a lot, but decided to head towards Cardiff anyway in the hope I’d be able to sing tonight.

“Half way there I realised it was unrealistic and so have come back home to rest. I apologise profusely, I know many of you would have travelled to Cardiff today for the show. I’m so so sorry!

“I need to wait until the infection has cleared up, there’s no use battling through it because it’ll only make me weaker. I’m still breathless and my chest is disgusting. Believe me I’m doing everything I can to get better asap I promise. It’s a bug and I have to wait til it’s gone. I’m not doing half hearted performances for anyone.”

Alongside her blog post, Adele posted a photograph of herself looking sad and holding up a handwritten note with the words: “I’m so sorry”.

She is scheduled to return to the stage in Wolverhampton, England on Saturday.