Sick Swift Predicted Tragedy Before Scrapped Shows

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July 7, 2011 | 11:25am EST

Taylor Swift predicted she would suffer “some sort of tragedy” just days before she fell sick and cancelled a series of summer shows.
The Love Story hitmaker made the first cancellation of her career last week when she scrapped a show in Kentucky on Saturday night after she was struck down with bronchitis.

She had planned to resume her Speak Now tour with concerts in North Carolina and Georgia this weekend, but they were also axed on doctors’ orders.

It has now emerged Swift predicted something “really awful” would happen just days before she became ill.

The singer posted a blog on her website last Thursday about a concert she played in Foxboro, Massachusetts the previous weekend, revealing she was convinced she would be struck by some bad luck because the gig went so well.

She writes, “The other night, we were playing our first of two shows at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Massachusetts… It turned into an absolute downpour… To my surprise, the strangest thing happened. No one left. Instead, this ocean of people in front of us just started dancing even more, screaming even louder…I’ll never forget it…

“Sometimes I get scared that there’s got to be some balance to the way things work in the universe – like you pay for good days by then having bad days, you pay for joy with pain… Like if you have the most perfect week ever, watch out! It’s about to get really awful! Some sort of minor or major tragedy is bound to strike! I hope that’s not the way it all goes down. I really hope not. Because this has been a really beautiful summer so far.”