Simonon Arrested For Environmental Activism

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November 15, 2011 | 2:25pm EST

Former The Clash rocker Paul Simonon spent two weeks behind bars this summer for his part in a Greenpeace oil rig protest.
The rocker assumed a secret identity and became an assistant cook onboard the environmental organisation’s ship Esperanza as it set sail for Greenland as part of a campaign to expose an oil rigging company’s lack of an emergency response plan.

According to Greenpeace reports, the bass player joined 17 other activists in storming the Lief Eriksson Arctic oil rig and ordered officials at parent company Cairn to develop a spill response plan in the event of an emergency.

But the oil bosses didn’t take too kindly to the occupation.

The rocker says, “They basically said, ‘We’re not going to show you (the plan).’ I think they probably didn’t have one. They said, ‘If you don’t get off the oil rig, we’re going to phone the authorities of Greenland and say you’ve hijacked the oil rig, and the police will come and arrest you.'”

Sure enough, Simonon’s peaceful intentions led to his arrest after he and other protesters refused to move until appropriate action was taken.

Greenland police officers took the activists into custody.