Sir Elton John Hoping To Reconcile With Billy Joel

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July 18, 2012 | 2:26pm EST

Sir Elton John is still holding out hope he can reconcile with former pal Billy Joel, after candid comments about the Piano Man’s drinking problems led to months of estrangement.
The Tiny Dancer hitmaker battled drug and alcohol problems early on in his career and only managed to kick his habits in the 1980s after attending a strict treatment program in Illinois, and he called on his friend and former touring partner to follow his lead during an interview with Rolling Stone magazine last year.
The music legend called on Joel to get serious about overcoming his drink demons in the article and upset Joel with his remarks.
Over a year has passed since the interview was published and now Sir Elton admits his words have had devastating effects – the two no longer speak.
During an appearance on breakfast show Today on Wednesday, he said, “He was angry about that, he wrote me a thing (note that said), ‘You shouldn’t judge people. Who are you to judge?’ And I said it because I thought it might get through. And I can understand him being angry about it and we haven’t really communicated since.”
The icon also apologized for causing him pain.
He added, “Billy Joel is the kindest, sweetest man and the most talented songwriter and a great, great artist. If he called me tomorrow and said, ‘Let’s have lunch,’ I’d go lie down in shock because I adore him. I only said it as tough love but he was upset and I’m sorry I upset him.”