Sir Jimmy Savile’s Great Niece Accuses Star Of Abuse

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October 20, 2012 | 9:31am EST

The grandchild of Sir Jimmy Savile’s sister has accused the late British entertainer of abusing her as a child.
Caroline Robinson, Savile’s great niece, claims she was molested by the star when she was 12 years old and again three years later.
Robinson tells Britain’s Daily Mail, “When I was younger I had flashbacks. They invaded my dreams. I re-lived everything that happened to me in slow motion. I’d wake up sweating. I saw the whole scene as if I was a detached observer looking down on it, and the worst thing is I couldn’t make it stop. I’d shout but the words wouldn’t come out… What Jimmy did to me was terrible.”
The 49 year old’s account comes just a day after British police launched a criminal inquiry into abuse allegations against Savile amid reports he molested more than 200 children over a period of 40 years.
Robinson adds, “I kept it close for so long. But when I started reading about all the other girls he had abused I thought: ‘This sounds just like what happened to me.’ I think it should be aired: Jimmy had done this to one of his own family.”
Savile died last year.