Sky Ferreira: ‘Miley Cyrus Is Not A Bad Feminist’

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January 29, 2014 | 7:27am EST

Pop star Sky Ferreira has rushed to defend controversial singer Miley Cyrus, insisting the former child actress is one of the nicest women in showbiz.
Ex-Hannah Montana star Cyrus dominated headlines last year as she threw off her squeaky-clean image by performing a series of raunchy routines at high-profile events and going public with her love of marijuana.
Cyrus’ antics have attracted criticism and accusations her butt-rubbing twerking dance moves are bad for women’s image, but Ferreira is adamant her fellow singer is a fervent feminist and a keen supporter of her peers.
Ferreira, who has signed on as a support act on Cyrus’ upcoming Bangerz world tour, tells rock magazine Q, “She’s a smart person. She’s really supportive of other girls her age, which I don’t usually find with pop stars. That’s why I find it funny when people call her a bad feminist. She’s actually one of the most supportive artists I’ve met.”