Slash’s Wife Furious About Onstage Attack

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June 13, 2010 | 3:04pm EST

Rocker SLASH’s wife has taken aim at the security men who stood and watched as her husband was floored by an unruly fan at a recent concert in Milan, Italy.
The guitar great was forced to halt his show on Thursday night when the over-zealous fan tackled him onstage as he started up a rendition of Guns ‘N Roses anthem Sweet Child O’ Mine.

The burly fan almost knocked the rocker over as he lunged at him and then was tackled off the stage by crew members.

Slash composed himself and tried to play on, but realised his guitar neck had been snapped and had to call for a replacement instrument.

The Velvet Revolver star later laughed off the the incident, but his wife Perla Hudson is furious that a fan was allowed to get too close to her husband while he was performing.

Perla has thanked crew member Junior for his quick thinking – he was the guy who wrestled the fan to the floor and then dived off the stage with him.

But she rages, “The Milan security did nothing! Kicked him out but didn’t arrest him. I love Italy! But f**k those security (guards) and promoters for doing nothing! Slash could have seriously (been hurt). It’s not right! What (are) they there for? As decoration? No, they there to protect the people… It’s not right.”