Sophia Bush Injured During TV Shoot

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December 23, 2013 | 3:55am EST

Actress Sophia Bush was left with concussion following an on-set accident while filming her new cop drama Chicago Pd.
The star was shooting a scene in which she was required to run after a suspect when the incident occurred.
Bush was taken to a hospital and underwent a CT scan, before doctors diagnosed her with concussion.
Uploading a picture on showing her wearing a neck brace, she writes, “Had an accident chasing a bad guy through the mean streets of Chicago.
“Don’t worry y’all. I am okay. The CT scan said so. My brain is in tip top shape despite my concussion. Just a little whiplash and a seriously bruised butt. And a slightly bruised ego. But these war wounds are worth it. My job is the s**t. ChicagoPD.”


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