Sophia Loren Wins 39-year Tax Battle

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October 24, 2013 | 7:25am EST

Screen legend Sophia Loren has emerged triumphant in a 39-year tax battle with the Italian courts.
The Two Women actress has been at the centre of an argument over the amount of taxes she should have handed over to Italian authorities in 1974. Officials insisted she was bound by law to hand over 70 per cent, while she argued that she only owed 60 per cent on her income.
On Wednesday, the matter was finally settled when Rome’s Court of Cassation ruled Loren paid the correct amount for the year in question.
Speaking to Italian newspaper La Stampa after the ruling, she said, “A saga that has lasted nearly 40 years is finally over. I always look to the future and I leave bad experiences like this one behind me.”
Loren’s tax issues in her native country have been longrunning – she famously spent 17 days behind bars in Italy on a separate tax issue in 1982.