Spade Regrets Baring His Butt In New Sandler Film

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June 14, 2010 | 1:47pm EST

Funnyman David Spade was left shocked at the sight of his own butt in new movie Grown-Ups – and he can’t believe girlfriends have been putting up with his less-than-remarkable behind for years.
The Joe Dirt star agreed to bare his bum in the Adam Sandler comedy – but he was left regretting not calling for a butt double.

Spade tells WENN, “Adam just came to me that one morning and said, ‘You’re like a guy who’s not used to being around families and you’re sleeping alone, so you just walk out naked and you don’t care.’ It’s the one day I didn’t wear make-up on my butt!

“We talked about this. I didn’t know what you’re supposed to do… ‘Am I just gonna be walking around?’ I saw it and I go, ‘Oi… girls have had to put up with this for years?’

“I’m no prize. Adam said, ‘It’s a little plump!’ So that was scary and I regret it. But I see more nudity for me in the future. I’m inching my way to non-tasteful nudity.”