Spears Will Star In Special Glee Episode

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August 10, 2010 | 5:15pm EST

Britney Spears will be returning to TV to make a guest appearance in an upcoming episode of Glee dedicated to the pop star’s hits.

TV executives at 20th Century Fox recently confirmed reports the Toxic hitmaker would follow in the footsteps of Madonna and Lady Gaga, who have both had episodes featuring nothing but their songs.

But Spears will make the popular program, about a high school choir, extra special for her fans – by making a cameo herself, according to Glee creator Ryan Murphy.

He tells Los Angeles DJ Ryan Seacrest, “Britney, I think 100 per cent, is going to be on the episode.”

The specifics of Spears’ role have yet to be finalized but Murphy reveals the upcoming show will be full of dream sequences.

He says, “The fun thing about the episode, how we’re doing it, is all the Britney Spears numbers are fantasies. They have fantasies about how they can be like her.”

However, he insists rumors the Spears episode will poke fun at her previous personal troubles are unfounded: “The Britney episode… is so reverential about her and so kind, and it’s about her music and not about her personal life. We’re handling Britney with kids gloves.”

The pop star has previously tried out her acting skills with a guest stint on U.S. TV comedy How I Met Your Mother.