Stars Pay Tribute To Michael Winner At London Memorial

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June 23, 2013 | 8:40pm EST

Sir Michael Caine and Sir Roger Moore were among the stars who gathered in London on Sunday to remember director Michael Winner at a memorial service.
The Death Wish filmmaker died at his home in the U.K. capital in January after a long battle with liver disease.
A number of famous faces attended Sunday’s service at the National Police Memorial in St James’s Park, where a plaque was unveiled in honor of Winner, who established the Police Memorial Trust in the mid-1980s.
Sir Roger applauded his pal’s dedication to the organization, telling the crowd, “His greatest achievement is why we’re here today. My father was a police officer stationed at Bow Street, and when Michael Caine and I made a film together with Michael Winner, I was impersonating a police officer and Mr Winner arranged that I could have a uniform that bore my father’s number PC168E, which I wore with great pride.
“But now, we’re here because of the very fine and noble work that Michael did in establishing the Police Memorial Trust to mark the places where brave and mainly unarmed police officers gave their lives for our safety, for our protection.”
Sir Michael Caine also stepped up to speak about his friend of more than 50 years, and revealed of their first meeting, “He was the kindest, nicest, most gentle person you could think of – and that is where I was completely wrong. He was the most miserable son-of-a-b**ch once you got to know him…
“He was testing you, and he always tested people to see how far you would go before you disliked him. I said to him, ‘Michael, you can go as far as you like with me. I will never dislike you. Do you understand that?’ He said, ‘Yes, I’ve got it’. And then he became my friend. And, as many of you will not believe, he became a tender, gentle person with me all my life.”
British TV personality Sir Michael Parkinson, veteran entertainer Cilla Black and Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone also attended the ceremony.