Stars Shaken By Los Angeles Earthquake

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January 17, 2014 | 11:20am EST

Hollywood stars including Jordana Brewster, Sarah Hyland and Kat Dennings received a rude awakening on Friday when an earthquake hit Los Angeles.
A minor tremor rocked the city around 5.30am local time, and several stars took to to tell of their terror.
Fast & Furious star Brewster wrote, “That’s definitely one way to wake up #earthquake”, while Modern Family actress Hyland tweeted, “Definitely just felt my first earthquake. Nature’s alarm clock. Goooood morning”, and 2 Broke Girls star Dennings added, “I fell asleep on my couch last night only to be lurched awake by an earthquake. I forgot about those, thanks LA #terror.”
Glee star Amber Patrice Riley told fans, “Earthquakes usually don’t scare me, but that CERTAINLY did. I don’t think I can get back to sleep. That was a very violent jolt”, actress Julie Bowen wrote, “While I recognize that my priorities may be out of order, I’m still a touch peeved at that earthquake for waking me up”, and model Kimora Lee Simmons added, “Up early in #Cali… And I just felt an #earthquake..!! #NotFabulous.”
The tremor came 20 years to the day since the 6.7-magnitude Northridge Earthquake hit the city on 17 January, 1994, killing 57 people and injuring thousands more. It caused $20 billion of damage and ranks as the second most expensive natural disaster in the nation’s history, after Hurricane Katrina.