Stars Shaken By Los Angeles Earthquake

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March 17, 2014 | 12:29pm EST

Stars including Evan Rachel Wood, Lindsay Lohan, Aaron Paul and Zach Braff were left shaken following an earthquake in Los Angeles on Monday morning.
The city was hit by a 4.7 magnitude tremor at 6.30am local time and many celebrities took to to share their stories.
Actress Wood was thrown into a panic by the tremor, so she grabbed her baby son from his crib and cowered in a doorway with the infant in her arms until the ground stopped shaking.
She writes in a post on, “My house shook like when the jet engine falls on (film) Donnie Darko. Grabbed my baby and hid under a doorway till it was over… there are no tables in my bedroom.”
Rapper Nicki Minaj was also caught up in the chaos, writing, “This earthquake just made me re-evaluate my entire life… I swear it felt like the entire house was picked up n (and) thrown down the block”, while singer LeAnn Rimes adds, “Holy hell we just had an earthquake! Shaking,” and singer Mika tells fans, “Wow just woken up by pretty strong 2 second tremors in LA. Strongest I’ve ever felt here.”
Glee’s Dianna Agron adds, “Not going to lie. That woke me up & that scared the s**t out of me. Can’t say I’ve never felt an earthquake anymore…” and actress Elizabeth Banks quips, “Earthquake! I leapt out bed to check on the kids. They slept right through it, and couldn’t have cared less.”
Other stars who tweeted about the earthquake include Aaron Paul, who shared footage from a news program which showed the TV hosts crawling under their desks, as well as Kevin Jonas, Vanessa Hudgens, Kerry Washington, Josh Duhamel, and funnyman Zach Braff, who joked in a message to One Direction star Harry Styles, “Dearest Harry Styles are you in LA? Is your hair ok? Earthquake.”
Lohan also managed to make a joke about the incident, adding, “Earthquake… Where’s Oprah when you need her.”