Stephen Lang To Return To Avatar

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October 22, 2013 | 5:55pm EST

Actor Stephen Lang is set to reprise his villainous role in the three Avatar sequels, despite the fact his character died in the original.
Lang’s character, Colonel Miles Quaritch, was shot in the chest with an arrow by Zoe Saldana’s character Neytiri, but director James Cameron is eager to bring the tough guy back, according to
He says, “Steven was so memorable in the first film, we’re privileged to have him back. I’m not going to say exactly how we’re bringing him back, but it’s a science fiction story, after all.
“His character will evolve into really unexpected places across the arc of our new three-film saga. I really look forward to working with such a gifted actor, who’s also become a good friend.”
Sam Worthington, who plays Jake Sully in the film, has recently revealed the second movie will begin filming next year.