Stewart Defied Doctors To Sing Again After Cancer Operation

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November 2, 2010 | 5:10am EST

Rod Stewart defied doctor’s orders to rest his voice after an operation to remove thyroid cancer – he “screamed and shouted” in a bid to restore his vocal cords.
The veteran entertainer was diagnosed with the disease in 1990 and shortly afterwards underwent the procedure.

Doctors informed him he wouldn’t be able to speak for 12 weeks after the surgery, but Stewart was in despair when he still wasn’t recovering after nine months – so he took drastic measures in a bid to sing again.

He tells Britain’s Daily Mirror, “I couldn’t sing a word, let alone a line, of Maggie May. Just this horrible croaking sound was coming out of me – my voice had totally gone.

“(I) screamed, swore and shouted as hard as I b**ody well could. I was like an injured footballer pushing myself back to match fitness. After a day I could sing a line and I just carried on and carried on for weeks and weeks until I finally busted my voice back out of my throat. If I’m honest I think it came out better. I’m a better singer now than I was 20 years ago. My voice can do things it could never do before.”

But Stewart admits he had a back-up career in mind if his voice had faded forever: “I actually thought about starting a landscape gardening business because I wasn’t going to be filling any b**ody concert halls.”