Stewart ‘definitely’ Wants Jolie Role

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June 18, 2010 | 11:20am EST

Kristen Stewart has fuelled reports she is to replace Angelina Jolie in a Wanted sequel – insisting she would “definitely” accept the role as long as the movie is as “good” as the original.
The Twilight actress is the favorite to take over from the Oscar-winner as the upcoming sequel’s female lead opposite James McAvoy, after Jolie ruled out a return to the assassin action film.

Stewart admits she is excited by the prospect of stepping into Jolie’s role – but only if the follow-up meets her expectations.

She tells, “(I would) definitely (take the role), as long as it was good and I mean, it’s really exciting to see (that as an opportunity).

“Wanted was a great movie. James McAvoy makes that movie different from most other action movies because he’s a real guy – you’re so with him.

“I feel like most action movies don’t have that. So if it had that, definitely. But I wouldn’t just want to be in a mindless blow-up movie. I’m not into it.”