Stewart Stunned By Oprah Gossip

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June 24, 2010 | 7:40am EST

Kristen Stewart has denied confirming a Robert Pattinson romance in an off-air chat with Oprah Winfrey, insisting she only spoke to the TV queen for a brief moment.
The Twilight stars sat down on the TV titan’s sofa for a taped interview, which aired in May, and subsequent backstage reports suggested the onscreen lovers had admitted a real-life romance to Winfrey while the cameras weren’t rolling.

But Stewart is adamant the confession never happened.

She tells Entertainment Weekly, “She (Winfrey) glided over to me – and she was strong, by the way, really firm hands – and she said, ‘How are you?’ I said, ‘Good.’ She said, ‘Good. Are you nervous?’ I said, ‘Yeah, I am, but I think I’m OK.’

“She said, ‘Good. We’ll have fun.’ And then she just walked away. And that was the most I talked to her backstage.”