Stewart Would Have Given Up Fatherhood Dream If He Wasn’t Third-time Lucky

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February 19, 2011 | 5:10am EST

Rod Stewart has revealed he and wife Penny Lancaster would have given up their dream of becoming parents again if the photographer hadn’t fallen pregnant via in vitro fertilisation at the third attempt.
Lancaster gave birth to little Aiden earlier this week, but before she fell pregnant, she and Stewart had resigned themselves to the fact they might not be able to conceive a brother or sister for their five-year-old son, Alistair.

In a taped interview for news show Piers Morgan Tonight, which will air next week, the rocker says, “We were more or less resigned to the fact that if it doesn’t work, we’ve got one wonderful son with Alistair, and I’ve been very fortunate in having eight children, so I wouldn’t have complained.

“But I really felt for her (Lancaster) because she wanted a partner for Alistair.”

Now he’s a dad again at 65, Stewart’s only worry is that he’ll stay fit enough to play with his newborn as he grows up.

The Brit adds, “I consider myself a very fit 65 year old; I’m just gonna have to be a very fit 85 year old.”