Sting Brands Gaddafi’s Stand ‘appalling’

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February 23, 2011 | 2:35pm EST

Sting has slammed Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi for “desperately” clinging to power – branding the dictator’s refusal to step down in the face of overwhelming unrest “appalling”.
Colonel Gaddafi has vowed to “fight to the death” amid the uprising sweeping the African nation, insisting he’s willingto “die as a martyr” rather than relinquish power.

And to prove he means business, the Libyan leader unleashed warplanes on anti-Gaddafi protesters on Tuesday.

In an address to the nation at the beginning of the week, the 68 year old fired up revolutionaries by stating, “Damn those who try to stir unrest.”

He has blamed the week-long revolt on “mercenaries” and foreign influences.

Rock star and humanitarian Sting has been watching developments in Libya with interest, and he believes Gaddafi should follow the example set by Egypt’s former leader Hosni Mubarek, who stepped down earlier this month after a series of protests.

Arriving in Lima, Peru ahead of a concert, the former Police frontman says, “What’s happening in Libya is appalling. It’s really about a man desperately trying to hold onto power when he has no business holding onto power. I hope it stops soon.”

But Sting has put a positive spin on the protests in the Middle East, insisting they help to show the world that the stereotype of simple Arabs is wrong.

He adds, “I’m very intrigued by what’s going on in the Middle East at the moment. I think one of the most useful things about the events is that I think in the west we have looked upon Arab culture as being monolithic and very simple, and what has come out of this conflict is how complex their society is.

“It’s just as complex as ours, and therefore, those stereotypes have been counterproductive, so we need to treat the Arab world in the same way we treat each other.”