Stone Draws Laughs As Troubled Lohan On Saturday Night Live

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October 24, 2010 | 6:30pm EST

Actress Emma Stone poked fun at Lindsay Lohan’s legal troubles in a comedy skit for Saturday Night Live this weekend when she dressed up as the star and boasted about how she planned to avoid jail.
Lohan has spent the summer in and out of jail and rehab as she battles her drug demons and on Friday, she was sentenced to a further three months of treatment at California’s Betty Ford Clinic for breaking the terms of her probation.

The Mean Girls actress checked into the center in late September after walking free from a brief stint behind bars for failing two court-ordered drug tests, a violation which could have landed her three months in jail.

And the producers behind hit sketch show Saturday Night Live decided to turn the spotlight on Lohan’s personal problems on Saturday, with Stone portraying the troubled star in a funny segment imitating The View.

Appearing as the guest star, Stone stumbled onto the set and took a seat at the table, where she was questioned about the possibility of being locked up.

Brushing off the concern, the Zombieland actress said, “I’m way too busy to go to jail. I have a career, I’m gonna tell them that, they’ll totally get it. I have too much going on.

“I’ve got a movie career, a fashion line, I have photo shoots, I’m starting a line of perfume…”