Stone Hopes Lohan Is Given Healthcare To Overcome Issues

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February 25, 2011 | 4:20am EST

Actress Sharon Stone is calling for authorities to provide Lindsay Lohan with the “healthcare that she needs” to help the star overcome her personal struggles.
The Mean Girls actress, who starred with Stone in 2006’s Bobby, is currently facing jail time as she prepares to go to trial over a felony theft charge stemming from allegations she stole a necklace.

Lohan also spent time behind bars and in rehab last year to tackle substance abuse and alcohol problems.

Now Stone has reached out to Lohan, urging medical professionals to help the star beat her demons.

She tells CNN newsman Piers Morgan, “In her (Lohan’s) case particularly, I don’t think it’s a question of her youth but a question of the fact that she clearly needs some actual healthcare. And I think that perhaps because of her position it’s very difficult for the legal system to give her the actual practical care that she needs.

“I would not try to give her advice. I would just wish that there was some sort of way the system can somehow provide her with the actual healthcare that she needs.”

And Stone is relieved she didn’t rise to fame as a youngster like Lohan, because she feels she was able to handle the spotlight better as a “grounded adult”.

She adds, “What happened to me was that I didn’t become famous as a child, as a teenager. I look at someone like Justin Bieber… I think that is a much more complex and difficult thing than what happened to me.

“When I became famous… I was 32, so I was a grounded adult. And because of that, and because I had such dear, good friends who guided me, friends in the entertainment business, grown women who had been through it – like Shirley MacLaine… They really talked to me about keeping my feet on the ground and really enjoying every moment and really staying in my gratitude and grace… These ladies who had really been through it in the classic period of filmmaking were just great to me.”