Suspect In Joss Stone Murder Plot Kept Diary Of Alleged Crime

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March 21, 2013 | 3:16pm EST

One of the men accused of plotting to kidnap and kill British singer Joss Stone kept a diary detailing how he and his fellow conspirator planned to pull off the alleged crime, a court has heard.
Suspects Kevin Liverpool, 35, and Junior Bradshaw, 32, are on trial on charges of conspiracy to murder, rob and cause grievous bodily harm to the soul star at her countryside cottage in Devon, south west England.
They were arrested in the village of Cullompton, where Stone lives, in June, 2011 after neighbors noticed two men acting suspiciously and called police. A search of their homes in Manchester, north west England, later unearthed a crossbow and handwritten notes detailing how to dump a body in a river.
Officers also discovered a diary at Liverpool’s apartment, and Detective Constable Katherine Joyner told Exeter Crown Court on Thursday that the suspect had kept notes on the plot, making repeated references to hurting their victim – who he had called “princess” – using slang words like “wet”, meaning to stab repeatedly until their clothes are soaked in blood. He also wrote down reminders to buy a hooded top and a safe and to open a bank account.
Stone, who reportedly has a fortune of $16 million, testified in court on Tuesday, admitting she rarely locked the doors to her countryside mansion and was completely unaware of the grisly murder plot until police alerted her to the suspects’ arrest.
Liverpool and Bradshaw, both from Manchester, have denied the charges. The trial continues.