Sylvester Stallone Asks Fans For Movie Cash

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August 23, 2013 | 11:23am EST

Sylvester Stallone is urging his fans to raise $250,000 to get his latest movie Reach Me into cinemas.
Stallone plays a retired sports coach who writes a self-help book in the drama, but the project hit the buffers shortly after filming began when a major investor pulled out.
Now director John Herzfeld is asking movie buffs to donate cash via the fundraising website to finish the project – and Stallone has shot a video message to his fans asking for their help.
He says, “Coming to Kickstarter for John is a great move because he is a filmmaker for the people, by the people, and he makes films that are really enjoyable and understandable, about everyday situations that you can identify with… Reach Me is an incredible film, I’m telling you – it is something that is remarkable and it just needs a little finishing touch, and you guys can provide that.”
Herzfeld claims most of the actors in Reach Me have worked for “next to nothing”, and as an incentive to encourage donations he is offering ‘prizes’ including set visits, signed copies of the script, and meetings with the cast.
The fundraising drive on Kickstarter had reached $20,000 as WENN went to press.