Sylvester Stallone’s Russian Art Show Opens Amid Communist Protests

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October 30, 2013 | 9:40pm EST

Communists in St. Petersburg, Russia have failed in their bid to shut down a Sylvester Stallone art exhibition in the city.
A collection of Stallone’s paintings have been gracing the walls of the city’s prestigious State Russian Museum since Sunday, despite protests from local political leaders, who are opposed to the show.
A statement from officials at Leningrad’s Communist Party reads: “For those who were born and raised in the Soviet Union, Rambo/Stallone will always be an embodiment of Cold War and the US military machine, someone who kills countless Soviet soldiers and our Vietnamese comrades, a maniacal fighter against the so-called ‘red threat’.”
And leading St. Petersburg communist Sergei Malinkovich adds, “Stallone referred to our country as an evil empire, he was a soldier of (Ronald) Reagan. Renowned artists and characters of their paintings wouldn’t want to be placed next to daub by a Cold War relic, filled with hatred.”
Museum bosses refused to acknowledge the protests and the exhibition is running as scheduled.