Tammy Wynette’s Daughters Campaign To Have Mum’s Stage Name Back On Tombstone

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March 3, 2014 | 8:40pm EST

Country legend Tammy Wynette’s daughters are campaigning to have their late mum’s stage moniker put back on her tombstone after it was changed to her married name of Virginia W. Richardson in 2012.
The Stand By Your Man singer died in 1998, but two years ago, the inscription on her tombstone at Nashville’s Woodlawn Cross Mausoleum in Tennessee was altered at the request of some of her family members.
The name currently on her crypt is in honor of her husband at the time of her death, George Richey, whose birth name was Richardson.
However, Wynette’s four daughters, including country singer Georgette Jones Lennon, have now called upon fans to join a Facebook.com group called A Restoration – Tammy Wynette’s Name and Legacy, in order to show support for their efforts.
In an interview with local newspaper The Tennessean, Lennon explains, “We’re hoping that we can go to court and be able to ask for her name to be returned back to the way that it should be.
“Mom worked so long for her fans and her family and for that name. She was very proud of what she accomplished and we know that so many people appreciate her and her music and we just want to be able to restore thing the way they should be.”
Lennon, who is Wynette’s daughter from her marriage to country icon George Jones, would not go into the details of the battle, other than revealing that she and her siblings are at odds with their step-sister, Richey’s daughter, Deirdre Richardson Hale, who owns the crypt.
Lennon adds, “Unfortunately we were misled and her name was changed in the first place, assuming it would be temporary. It has gone on for so long and there’s no logical or reasonable explanation that we can’t change it back.
“We’ve not been able to get her (Hale) to change the name, so we’re hoping that we’ll be able to gather support and eventually if she doesn’t change it and it takes a court order, then were hoping to be able to do that.”
The Facebook group currently has 2,5000 members showing their support for Lennon’s campaign.