Terry Crews: ‘We Should Forgive Sports Owner Donald Sterling’

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May 20, 2014 | 6:55pm EST

Former American football star-turned-actor Terry Crews has become the first African-American star to offer embattled Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling support after the sports boss became one of the most unpopular men in the U.S. following a racial controversy.
Sterling hit the headlines last month when audio of him making remarks about African-Americans went viral.
The ill-advised comments prompted an immediate backlash and the 80 year old was fined $2.5 million by officials at the National Basketball Association for the remarks. Bosses at the organisation are also trying to force Sterling to sell the team.
Sterling has since apologised for his remarks in a CNN interview with newsman Anderson Cooper and now The Expendables star insists Sterling should not be forced to sell his team for regretful comments he made to an ex-girlfriend.
He says, “We need to forgive Donald Sterling… Who here is not guilty of saying something in anger…? I’ve said things about my family, my wife, my kids that, if you record it, you would think I was the devil himself.
“I don’t think they should yank the team from him. The world has become so politically correct, no one is able to say anything anymore and it’s ridiculous… People can say something by mistake and now they can have their business yanked… it’s a dangerous precedent.”
Crews is in the minority – Whoopi Goldberg, Spike Lee and Queen Latifah are among the African-American celebrities who have publicly attacked Sterling for his comments.