The Game Spends $10,000 To Help Sandy Voters

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November 6, 2012 | 8:46pm EST

Rapper The Game handed over $10,000 to help Americans affected by Hurricane Sandy get to the polls on Tuesday.
The hip-hop star helped residents in New York and New Jersey, areas which were hit the hardest by the superstorm last week, attend polling stations so they could cast their vote in the presidential election, which sees incumbent leader Barack Obama go head-to-head with his Republican rival Mitt Romney.
Standing alongside two female fans, The Game tells, “I gave them $20 to ride the train to and fro so they could vote.”
He adds, “I gave 500 people $20 so it’s like $10,000, and (I’m) just trying to get people to vote. It’s small change. A couple of people in Jersey we gave rides (to). Some people didn’t have gas so we gave them $20 for gas. Just trying to do our thing.”