The Game’s Manager Surrenders To Cops

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May 24, 2011 | 2:15pm EST

The manager of rapper The Game and R&B star Akon has turned himself over to police after a fugitive warrant was issued for his arrest in relation to federal drug charges.
James Rosemond, also known as Jimmy Henchman, has been under investigation by authorities since 2007 over allegations he was involved in a cocaine distribution ring.

Reports surfaced last week suggesting he was on the run after prosecutors in New York declared him a wanted man, but Rosemond insists he was unaware of the arrest warrant.

In an open letter to, Rosemond writes, “The events over the past week, to say the least, have caught me off guard. Although I have been aware of an investigation taking place over the last four years, I was never informed that an arrest warrant had been issued in my name. I first learned about that warrant through the media when the news was released last week.”

The music mogul, who denies the charges against him, claims he is being targetted for his past “mistakes”, which threaten to harm his chances of landing a fair trial.

Rosemond continues, “These prosecutors have already begun my trial through the media and I’m releasing this statement in order to set the record straight. I just want a fair trial. I came up from nothing and made some mistakes early in my life of which I have already served time (sic).

“Since then, I have worked hard to establish my career in the music industry only to be targeted by these opportunistic prosecutors with a personal vendetta against me.”

He turned himself into federal agents on Monday.